Mug FAQs

Got Questions? So have we.

But you first, and if it's not here, then please get in touch!

What ages is Mug for?

Mug might look cute and cuddly, but because it's a chat-roulette app with real people - we can't guarantee the other side won't say nasty things.

That isn't what we want, and we encourage good behaviour, but don't let your kids on Mug!

Is Happy Snap safe for my child?

No. We just told you that.

Like a good glass of wine, or a strong vodka. Don't give it to Kids.

Are there any hidden costs or in-app payments?

Yes, you can play with a selection of characters for free, but others are locked to an In App Purchase, or watch a reward video for single time use.

Where's the goddam Android version?

There aren't any plans for an Android app yet. We know that's annoying for you Android guys, but hopefully we'll find a way to make this happen.

Which devices does Mug work on?

iOS 10 and above.
iPhone 6 and above
Nay to iPad.

How does it work?

Mug uses some very clever face tracking tech, and maps these onto our virtual characters. We draw them in real-time to match your mug. Simple.

The hard part is then syncing that to your voice, and sending it through the internet cats quickly enoguh to make Mug awesome. But we did it. Because we are awesome.

Does it need the Internet/network connection to work?

Well, like, Yeah.

Mug doesn't recognise my face

Hold your phone like your taking a selfie. If your face is still not recognised then maybe we need to clean some fluff out the system? Get in touch with us!

We have tested Mug on a range of genders and ethnicities, so you should be good.

I can't hear any sound or music

This normally happens when your mute switch is on, or your volume is turned down. Please check those!

I have more questions!!!

Please get in touch anyway you wish: Twitter, Email - we are listening and happy to chat.

Mug. Animated Video Chat.