Mug Press Kit

A nice selection of bits and bobs, just for you

What is Mug?

Mug is a video chat app, without the video. Think Animoji meets Chat Roulette. We use the latest face tracking tech, with our illustrations and sync it perfectly to voice communications.

The result is a truly unique chat experience, like you've never seen before, because this is truly a world first chat experience.

Why is that so good?

Animoji is stale, you can only record a clip and send it. It's not live, and it's not fun. Oh and it's iPhone X only...
Samsungs AR Emoji is creepy, and quite frankly, terrible.

Mug solves all of these problems and lets you video chat in real-time, using an animated character, using any iPhone from iPhone 6 and up.

Sounds Amazing, When? And How?

Mug will be launching on May the 24th for iOS.

Early Access

Mug is ready for you to check out, just email us with your iTunes email and we can send an invite via TestFlight.

We'd be happy to show you around, heck you could even interview us via the app!


  • Real-time Animated Video Chat. A world first.
  • Chat Roulette style, so it's always fun and interesting.
  • 12 custom illustrated characters, bought to life by over 60 facial tracking points.
  • Developed using cutting-edge A.I. and Machine Learning technologies.
  • It's free (with In App Purchase for extra characters)
  • Made by Lumen Digital, 10-year app development veterans who like pushing the boundaries, having fun and creating quirky experiences.

Animated Video Chat.